Top Tips for Buying Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles

Are you on a mission to revamp your basketball court? You must have enlisted the essentials with basketball court tiles on the top. Basketball court tiles are considered the central part of a court. It is because the tiles make the floor which is the actual medium for the players and the ball to bounce around.

However, the purchase of these tiles is a bit technical, and you, therefore, will require some pro tips to get done with the buying job conveniently. This blog post has brought you exclusive tips for buying outdoor basketball court tiles. Keep reading to learn the hacks.

Top Tips for Buying Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles

Follow the tips to grab a good share of outdoor basketball court tiles.

Reach Out to a Professional Vendor

Once on the hunt for basketball court tiles, you will come across hundreds of manufacturers and dealers who will claim to be the only authentic source. However, it depends upon your judgment and the vendor’s overall reputation to decide if he s worth investing with.

It’s better to check the customer reviews before you place your order.

Check the Customer Service

How good a company is something that can easily be assessed on the basis of customer care service. A professional vendor ensures efficient customer care. Moreover, you can indulge with the team in a technical conversation to get an idea of their understanding of the task.

Check if Free Consultation is Available

Authentic and competitive manufacturers ensure customer influx by offering incentives like free consultations. Look for a vendor who is generous enough to provide you with a free consultation session. But do not rely on the FREE SESSION only.

During the session, you must evaluate the manufacturer or service provider’s understanding of the nature of the job and the quality of the outdoor court tiles.

Free Samples and Court Drawings

This one is a step ahead of free consultations. More prominent names like ZS Floor tech and others ensure customer service to the core. To do so, they offer you free samples. Free samples are an excellent incentive to become confident and satisfied before investing money.

Moreover, the court drawings can be a great help if you are doing a basketball court for the first time.

The drawings are done in a simplified way to make you understand the symmetry, dimensions, and placement of the tiles to make a concrete floor.

Quality of the Tiles

Once you are done with the research and land on a good vendor, you must thoroughly consider the tile and its characteristics. You must check the ties for various features like thermal stability, cold shrinkage system, and others.

Non-Slip Surface

Non-slip surfaces are essential to consider because it aids the prevention of accidents during a basketball game.

All- Weather Suited

If the selected tiles are all-weather suited, it’s a win-win situation. Because these tiles are greatly affected by harsh environmental conditions outside, therefore, weather suitability is of great value.


This blog post has enlisted the pro tips and a systemic approach to finding suitable tiles for your basketball court. You must find a well-reputed vendor in the first place. If the manufacturer offers a free consultation, go straight for it. Receive incentives and enjoy them but do inquisitive technical research to finally land in the right place and grab your share of tiles for your outdoor basketball court.