Stop Bugs from Chewing on Your Wooden Hamster Cage

So, you’ve got a wooden hamster cage, and you want to keep those pesky insects from gnawing on it?


No worries, here are some simple tips to help you out:

Keep it clean and tidy

Make sure your hamster’s pad is clean and dry. Bugs love a messy cage with food crumbs and damp bedding.

If your hamster leaves any grub behind, clear it out pronto. Bugs can’t resist a free meal.

Give the cage a regular scrub-down to avoid smells that might attract bugs.

Bug-repelling stains or finishes

Think about using wood stains or finishes that bugs hate. These products are like “no entry” signs for insects.

Apply the stuff to the outside of your cage. Make sure it’s safe for your furball, and let it dry before your hamster moves back in.

Raise Your Cage Game

Elevate the wooden crib by sticking it on a stand or platform. Bugs on the ground won’t be able to reach it.

Keep the cage from touching the floor or walls.

Set traps for sneaky bugs

Lay some traps or bug bait around the cage to nab any insects lurking nearby. That way, they won’t get anywhere near your crib.

Hunt for cracks and seal them

Regularly check your wooden crib for cracks or holes that bugs could sneak through.

Seal up any openings with the right stuff to keep bugs out.

Go Natural to Bug-Off

Try using cedar or juniper wood shavings for bedding. Bugs can’t stand the scent of these woods.

Pop some cedar or juniper wood blocks or sachets near the cage to send bugs packing.

Lock Up Your Hamster Chow

Keep your hamster’s munchies in airtight containers. Bugs won’t be able to smell the goods.

Don’t go overboard with the feeding to avoid leaving food crumbs in the crib.

Check Your Cage Often

Keep an eye out for any signs of bugs or damage in the cage. Look for holes, sawdust-like stuff, or any actual bugs.

If you spot issues, deal with them pronto.

Call in the bug busters

If things get really buggy or you think you’ve got a bigger bug problem at home, think about calling in the pest control squad.


With these tips, you can make sure those bugs stay far away from your wooden hamster crib. Just keep things clean, use some bug-repelling tricks, and you’ll have a happy and bug-free hamster home.