Pet Sheet: The New Storage Polyester

A pet sheet is called polyethylene terephthalate. For the science geeks, this is right up your alley. What is a pet sheet or what is it all about? They are thermoplastics that have high stability and are very resistant to creep. It’s normally used to pack food, beverages, some chemicals, etc. It’s also a good electrical insulator.

You can put it in your microwave and warm up food. It can be easily polished and machined. It provides a very low adsorption, which is good for chemicals. Did you know it was introduced in North America in the 1940’s by some chemist?

Where can I get a pet sheet

Pet sheets can be found on different top online stores like Alibaba, Amazon, etc. You can also find it at your local stores and shops. Pet sheets are not hard to find and are the best in storing and keeping food and other essentials. Pet sheets are produced in different ways and we’ll briefly talk about it.

How are pet sheets produced

Now that we know what pet sheets are, a brief history, and how we can get them; how are they produced? Pet sheets are produced by a process of drying, melting, dehumidifying, plasticizing, extrusion molding, etc.

There are so many processes in producing pet sheets. So many processes to make it look good and strong. It goes through crystallization which takes 30-90 minutes, and the temperature is less than 149°C.

After crystallizing, you dry under high temperature conditions which are below – 40° C. It is later passed into a drying hopper through a closed loop for continuous drying. The next is extrusion molding.

After you’ve crystallized and dried the pet sheet, the pet sheet is then transformed into a higher polymer with high temperature. Then, the pet sheet is rolled and styled in the way you want. The processes and all make the pet sheet resistible and electric insulated.

What’s used in making pet sheet

Pet sheets are made from raw materials of petroleum and gas. They are then crystallized, dried, rolled, and sent out to be made in different ways. Now that we know the core products used, why should you get a pet sheet?

Reasons to get a pet sheet

There are so many reasons why you should get a pet sheet but I’ll be naming a few:

Its recyclable

Pet sheets can be used as recyclables when you’re done using it for anything. Pet sheets can be turned into egg holders and more. You just have to be creative. You can metal and reform it to whatever you want.

They are very light but strong

This means as much as they’re light they can carry a lot of heavy items such as food, beverages, chemicals etc. It can be easily thermoformed, and have high crack resistance.

They are sustainable

They are very sustainable even though they’re made from raw materials derived from crude oil and gas. It has become the most sustainable and widely used sheet.


Pet sheets are thermoplastic that have high stability and are very resistant to creep. Pet sheets are recyclable and also environmentally friendly. The process of making pet sheets is detailed for maximum efficiency. Pet sheets are now commonly used because of their lightweight and thick body. It not only holds food but other chemicals and beverages.