Parking pole lights installation direction and tips

Your parking lot is seldom complete without the addition of lighting components. Lighting systems enhance visibility by providing optimal illumination in the parking lots. Also, these lighting fixtures provide security in a way that discourages intruders. Parking pole lights help keep the parking lot safe and harmless.

The fact that LED lighting helps in monitoring the parking lots via cameras also make it quite advantageous. There’s a need for optimal planning as regards installation to get the best out of the parking lots lighting fixtures. Certain phases of parking lots lights installation need to be carried out before the construction of the parking lot.

If you’re looking to get on with the installation of parking lots lights, this article could prove helpful. 

Pick the spots for the parking pole lights

The first of many steps in the installation of parking lots lights involves picking suitable spots for the installation of the poles. You should bear in mind that the whole area should be sufficiently illuminated to prevent shadowy regions in parked vehicles. To eliminate such dark areas, it’s always advised that you install two light poles at different ends. Also, ensure that your light poles measure 20ft in length from proper aerial coverage of the parking lot.

Underground wiring

For safety reasons, the wires connecting the light poles are not meant to be exposed. You must carry out all necessary wiring works before constructing the floor of the parking lot. A power source station should be nearby where all of the power will be sourced. You might need to hire a professional to carry out the wiring of the lighting poles. If you’re looking to carry out the installation yourself, ensure you take necessary precautions.

Construct concrete piers

Every light pole needs a concrete base that will ensure that it’s firm and balanced. The concrete to be used should be rich in cement to ensure its rigidity and durability. Often, the height of the pier is determined by the length of the pole you’re placing. While placing concrete in the formwork, anchor bolts are inserted on the face of the pier. These anchor bolts are meant to hold the steel pole in place. It would be best if you allowed the full curing of the concrete to take place to ensure the pier reaches its optimal strength.

Erect the light poles on the piers

Once you’ve certified that the piers are well cured, you can proceed to mount the light poles. You might require the use of crane loaders for lifting the poles vertically and onto the piers. The bolts and nuts are then tightened to ensure the pole doesn’t shift after installation. Once the pole has been erected, you can now proceed to connect it to the electricity supply source.

Final Thought

The installation of light poles in a parking lot is one task that requires proper attention to detail. The steps are listed in this article, and you’d do well to follow the necessary safety precautions while carrying out the installation.