Is the Troxus Skyhopper 20-inch Fat Tire Right for You?

Are you eyeing the Skyhopper fat tire from Troxus? I can’t blame you. That all-black, 20-inch fat-tire electric bike is one of the most attractive of all Troxus e bikes. But the question remains: is the Troxus Skyhopper right for you?

Class 2 E-Bike, Ideal for City Rides

The Troxus Skyhopper is a Class 2 e-bike. This means Skyhopper was designed for throttle operation (activated by thumb throttle located on the grip) and pedal-assist up to 26mph.

Skyhopper can perform city rides of up to 27 miles (without you pedaling any of the ride). Once you go beyond 20mph, there’s a pedal assist with five levels available for you to control.

Lightweight, but Powerful E-Bike

Perfectly-sized electric bike for men and women, the Skyhopper weighs only 65 pounds thanks to the aluminum alloy frame and other lightweight materials, but it can carry up to 275 pounds. This aluminum isn’t  just any other aluminum frame – it’s an upgraded version using Step Thru (6061) aluminum.

The Skyhopper is equipped with a 750-watt brushless rear hub motor, which is capable of outputting torque up to 80NM (something you’d want if your route going to/from home has some rough climbing).

Notable Features of the Troxus Skyhopper

If you’re still unsure if the Skyhopper would be compatible with your riding style, the terrain you usually pass by, or just personal preferences, here are other Skyhopper features that could help you decide:

  • Removable and replaceable Samsung battery pack, which lasts up to 40+ miles, but can easily be replaced by a second lithium battery pack. Note that the second battery doesn’t come out of the box, but it is highly recommended if your average commute or rides go longer than 40 miles.
  • Long-lasting puncture-resistant tires. The Kenda-tire liners are proven to be puncture-proof against glass, sharp rocks and other similar materials known to damage e-bike tires.
  • Safety features for night rides. The Skyhopper has built-in front lights, which give you additional protection from bad weather and pitch-black paths.
  • Shimano 7-speed gear shift system hassle-free speed control. The Skyhopper’s Shimano seven-speed system (along with the ebike’s Pedal Assist feature) lets riders quickly shift between gears. If you need faster speeds, you just have to switch to smaller gears. If you’re climbing hills or require more pressure, you can switch to large gears hassle-free.

The Skyhopper also comes with a 9-volt charger. A full charge can reach about 25 to 40 miles, depending on the rider’s weight and cargo.

Take Advantage of the Test Ride

Going on a test ride is one of the easiest ways to know 100% if the Troxus Skyhopper is for you.

Just like all other Troxus e bikes featured in the store, you can ride the Skyhopper first before purchasing it. All you have to do is make an appointment. The Troxus site has a list of dealers and testing sites… find one nearest you.

The best thing about the test rides is that the entire process is free. You don’t need to pay the dealer or the test ride service any amount, nor are you required to commit to purchasing the model right after. And while you test the e-bike and have the Troxus expert’s undivided attention, you can ask any question about the Skyhopper (or other Troxus e-bikes) to clarify anything.